Redefining Agricultural Dynamics

Agrivate is a new modern day Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) startup. We are building a holistic & smart farming platform to lead our farmers towards precision farming and high yields. Our AI- and ML-based platform will be a one-stop solution for all farming management activities, products, and relevant information.


We Offer Diverse Agriculture Services


Precision farming, powered by Agrivate AI, serves up a feast for the future.

recision farming, armed with data and tech, is the crop whisperer of the future. It helps farmers grow more with less, feeding the world sustainably while saving resources. Agrivate joins this mission, equipping farmers with AI insights to unlock precise yields and a healthy planet for all. It's like farming magic, but with science at its core.

1000 +

Happy Farmer's Community

Our community has been abuzz with the tantalizing possibilities of precision farming, eager to unlock its potential for a future of bountiful harvests and sustainable soil.

50 +

Farm Consulting Projects

We consulted farmers, FPOs, and self-help groups in creating sustainable farming businesses. 

Agrivate Consultants- Wheat

Agrivate for expert Consulting, Skill Development, Market Links, or Quality Inputs?

This helps ensure quality, schedule and that we’re all working toward same goal


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